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New HACB development, El Jardin, will bring more affordable housing to Brownsville

Historic ‘El Jardin’ hotel in Brownsville will undergo a $17M renovation. The new development will provide additional public and affordable housing options for residents in Brownsville. This adaptive reuse project site located at 417 E 11th Street is also in close proximity to Victoria Gardens and Citrus Gardens Annex which are focus sites of the International Southmost Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan.

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El Jardin Hotel in Brownsville (Photo: Steven Masso / ValleyCentral)

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The historic El Jardin Hotel in downtown Brownsville will undergo a $17 million renovation, state records indicate.

The project, titled Hotel El Jardin Renovation, was filed in the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

The privately-funded renovation will feature “historic restoration of exterior and common areas,” as well as renovation of interior residential units, the project states.

Fencing with traffic drums now surround the building, with road work signs on the corners of the E. Charles and E. Levee Streets.

According to previous ValleyCentral reports, the hotel was built in the late 1920s and officially opened in 1927. Shortly after, it was regarded as the social hub of the city.

The hotel closed in the mid 1980s, and a study by the Texas Historical Commission’s Town Square Initiative Team estimated a development cost for the hotel would exceed $15 million.

The renovation project is now scheduled to begin April 3, with an expected completion date of Dec. 31, 2024, the project page details.


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