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Community Meeting #4 (February)

Community Meeting #4 for the International Southmost Choice Neighborhood Plan was held on Saturday, February 11 at the Recreation Center in Tony Gonzalez Park.

Community members engaged with four activity stations that covered different elements of the Plan corresponding to the following activity stations:

  • Neighborhood "Bucks"

  • Housing Design

  • Neighborhood Key Projects

  • Early Action Projects

Community Ambassadors (Griselda, Vanessa, Luz, Octaviana, Cecilia, and Maria) shared an overview of the community events that they have helped organize since Community Meeting #3 (hosted in October 2022) - including “Haunted Fiesta”, “Run With Santa”, Working Group by Theme, and a Field Trip to San Antonio to Opportunity Home San Antonio to learn about other projects supported by the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative.

Community members were encouraged to engage in all of the activities and complete their “activity passport” so they could have more chances at a raffle.

There were also activities for the kids, a DJ, several raffle prizes and delicious breakfast tacos!

Thank you to everyone who joined us in our Community Meeting #4! We are very grateful for all the enthusiasm and interest in getting involved in this Plan! We hope to see you in our upcoming events so you can keep helping us design the future of the International Southmost Community together!


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