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Choice in Valley Central News

Thank you to Valley Central News for continuing sharing with the community the work about the International Southmost Choice Neighborhood Plan.

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — As part of the International Southmost Choice Neighborhood Initiative, Brownsville Southmost residents are voicing the changes they want to see within their community.

The City of Brownsville was one of eight communities nationwide to be awarded a planning grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Since then, the city along with the Housing Authority have held four of six community meetings to improve the area.

For many Southmost residents, safety at night is a primary concern. “I came to this meeting to ask for more police and more lights,” Brownsville resident, Marcy Velez told ValleyCentral. ” it’s too dangerous and too dark dark for children.”

City Commissioner, Nurith Galonsky, says due to a city-wide bus shortage, routes have been cut down leaving people that rely on public transportation no choice but to travel on foot. Residents say this makes them feel unsafe due to the lack of lights in the area.

Eduardo Nieto, another Brownsville resident said “Lighting and cameras is what we need in this area.”

City officials say through the Choice Neighborhood Initiative Plan, issues pertaining to pedestrian safety will be addressed along with redevelopment of housing on Victoria Gardens and the Citrus Garden Annex. Residents also voted for officials to create local guides to medical services and more school-related parent programs.

Commissioner Galonsky told Valley Central, “”This is more of a complete, ‘How would you prefer to address mobility or walkability of our community? Is it a fixing up this street and putting sidewalks along this tree?’ And so, we’re providing now more complete options on what could be done to transform this area.”

The Choice Neighborhood Initiative Plan will be finalized in November following two more community meetings one of those slated to take place this summer.


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